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iPhone tracker is a program which tracks iPhone activities on iPhone and iPad. iKeyMonitor iPhone tracker enables you to spy on iMessages, SMS messages.
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What Find My does

Germany has a huge potential for GPS tracking business! Tap on your iCloud account banner at the top with your name. Tap on Family Sharing. Choose the first feature that you want to share with your family. In this case, it would be Location Sharing. Select Invite Family Member , and then send an invitation through iMessage, in person, or create a new child account.

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  • If you're on iOS 10 or earlier, you'll just need to tap on Get Started and then follow the on-screen instructions to invite family members. You can repeat the process of inviting a family member for up to six people. Free - Download Now The only other stipulation is that everyone's devices must have granted Find My iPhone access to be tracked. You can do this by following these directions on each iPhone and iPad: Launch Settings from your Home screen.

    Tap your Apple ID banner at the top. Tap iCloud. Tap on Find My iPhone. Sign in to your individual iCloud account. Tap on any device in order to receive more information and track it — your own devices show up at the top, followed by everyone else's. There are two important things to know about location sharing in iOS: First, sharing a user's location always requires the consent of that user. And second, location sharing is not automatically reciprocal: just because you share your location with someone doesn't mean you can see their location, or vice versa.

    How to turn off location tracking on your iPhone or iPad

    By default, the People tab in the Find My app shows a map with the locations of everybody currently sharing their location with you, along with a list of all the people you're following; you also get a list of any contacts you're sharing your own location with. Mark a contact as a favorite, and they'll appear at the top of this list. Tapping on any of your contacts in the list immediately displays their location on the map, if available, marked with their contact picture. You can tap the Contact button to view their contact information or tap Directions to launch Apple Maps with directions to their current location.

    Swiping up on your contact's card will give you additional options, such as the ability to set location-based Notifications — more on that in a moment — as well as options to add or remove a contact from your favorites, stop sharing your location with them if you are , request they share their location with you if they're not , or remove them from your Find My list entirely.


    You can also assign a custom name to their current location. Find My allows you to set two types of location-based notifications for your contacts: The first notifies you when your contact arrives at or leaves a specific location. To set either type of notification, tap the contact in question and swipe their card up to display the Notifications section, then tap the Add button.

    Choose whether you or your contact will be notified; the resulting sheet will let you choose if the notification is based on arriving at or leaving a location, as well as which location you want notifications tied to. By default, your notification options cover either the other person's current location or your current location, but you can also add any other place by tapping Add Location and searching.

    You'll also have the option to choose how large a radius will count as that location, from feet to miles. Note that if you create a notification for one of your contacts, they'll be notified that you've done so. If you're setting a notification based on your own location, you also have the option to make it recurring — that is, sent every time you arrive at or leave the location in question.

    That's something that could come in handy if you always want your significant other notified when you leave work. Finally, to share your own location with someone else, scroll to the bottom of your friend list and tap Share My Location.

    You'll be prompted to enter a contact name, email address or phone number to share with, and then asked if you want to share your location for an hour, until the end of the day, or indefinitely.